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Backflow is a term used to describe the unwanted flow of water in your home’s plumbing system in the opposite direction. Backflow is an unwanted reversal of water flow caused by a sudden drop or complete loss in water pressure. There are two types of backflow that can occur when there’s a connection between potable and non-potable water lines: backpressure and back-siphonage. Backflow occurs if the pressure from a non-potable water source becomes greater than the pressure of your clean water supply. There are a couple of backflow prevention techniques that are quite useful in preventing the unwanted flow of water.  A Backflow Prevention Install preserves the normal flow of water, from the public supply into the private supply. It essentially prevents water or contaminates from flowing in the other direction.

Why Prevent Backflow?

Non-potable water isn’t considered safe for human consumption- it can contain heavy metals, bacteria, chemicals, and other contaminants. If that non-potable water enters your drinking water system, you may consume, wash with, or otherwise come into contact with substances that are harmful to your health and the health of others.

4 different methods to fix a backflow in plumbing:

  • Hose bib backflow preventer for residential plumbing
  • Pressure type vacuum breaker
  • Barometric loop
  • Reduced pressure principle backflow preventer

Backflow prevention devices are available in four forms, differing in complexity, effectiveness, and intended purpose:

  • Using a vertical air gap, air gaps prevent water from flowing back into the dispensing system.
  • Using a vacuum breaker to shut off the water connection when the pressure drops too low.
  • The pressure vacuum breaker is a more sophisticated version of the atmospheric vacuum breaker.
  • Reduced pressure principle assemblies are the most sophisticated system for preventing water backflow

Backflow Prevention Program

The Backflow Prevention Program aims to protect public health by strengthening by-law requirements, identifying cross-connections and isolating private water systems from the public waterworks.  Backflow prevention ensures potable water is protected against contaminants entering the distribution system

When performing sewer and water main repairs and installations, we have the resources to perform the majority of the work, reducing the need to utilize sub-contractors. We maintain our own backflow Preventer Testing equipment that is calibrated using the standard verification/calibration service level.

We highly recommend contacting a certified and skilled professional to help you address any backflow issues in your home plumbing system. They’ll examine the lines, test for backflow problems, identify underlying conditions, and then fix them as soon as possible. Contact us today to request a free consultation or schedule an annual maintenance call.



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