What is Sump Pump Repair?

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Sump Pump Repair


Sump pumps are used to re-route water away from the lowest point of the home’s foundation and safeguard the basement from flooding. Sump pumps are critical during heavy rainstorms and work to decrease flooding from overflowing water from a plumbing problem. If the sump pump stops working, it’s essential to identify the cause and find a solution before the next rainstorm to avoid severe damage to the home.

“Types of Sump Pumps”
There are two fundamental types of sump pumps:

  • Submersible
  • Pedestal

A sump pump is often hardwired to the electrical system or plugged into a wall outlet. Sump pumps are generally equipped with battery backup power because these power sources can fail in a storm.

Facts about sump pumps:

  • It’s vital to prepare sump pumps with battery-powered water-level alarms. This can assist in warning you of potential flooding should get the pump malfunction or overflow.
  • A sump pump is initiated by a float switch and set off when the water reaches a pre-set level. Once it enters this level, the sump pump removes water into a nearby storm drain and outdoor area.

What Are The Common Sump Pump Problems & Solutions?

Generally, your sump pump should be checked every year to guarantee it functions appropriately. Concord’s HVAC & plumbing services detect any problems and help prevent future damage.

Common Sump Pump Issues:

  • Clogged pumps/parts
  • Pump continuously runs
  • Improper installation
  • Basin overfilling with water
  • Stuck switch

If the issue goes untreated not only puts the unit in danger but can hurt the commercial or residential property.

Our Sump Pump Services include:

  • Battery Backup Replacements
  • Battery Backup installation
  • Sump Pump Repairs
  • Sump Pump Installations

Overall, you might need a sump pump repair if your sump pump doesn’t pass the test above. Before the next big rainstorm, contact Concord HVAC & Plumbing for skilled plumbing repair by plumbing experts.


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