What are the most common problems with HVAC systems?

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Problems with HVAC systems


If not serviced early, some problems with HVAC systems will develop into more significant concerns. It’s wise to have your system checked annually to prevent outages during extreme weather. Most of these can be avoided with regular preventive maintenance calls.


1) Dirty filters

One of the most important things you can do to extend the life and efficiency of your furnace is to replace your filter regularly because if your filter is dirty, it will restrict airflow, causing your unit to work much harder to circulate air through your home. Moreover, a dirty filter can cause the furnace to overheat and shut off at a high limit.

2) Mechanical wear and tear

Your unit’s performance can be negatively impacted by the normal wear and tear of mechanical components your heating system relies on. These include belts and bearings, causing overheating, poor heating, or airflow issues. Regular maintenance should include checking for worn or stretched belts and oiling bearings and motors.

3) Ignition problems or Pilot

A dirty pilot, flame sensors or burners can result in a pilot outage, a gas supply problem, furnace lockout, short cycling, or delayed ignition of the burners. It is best to handle these problems with a trained service technician since this deals with dangerous elements like natural gas and high voltage. Concord HVAC & plumbing offers affordable professional service!

4) Thermostat malfunctions

If your furnace is not operating correctly, it is usually an issue with the thermostat or how it is set. Referring to your owner’s manual and reviewing the operating instructions may prevent you from paying for an expensive or unnecessary service call. There are many different thermostats, both programmable and non-programmable. Programmable thermostats might have batteries that require to be replaced periodically. If still malfunctioning, difficulties can be shortly diagnosed by a service technician. Concord HVAC & plumbing is here to help you.

5) Water leaks

Both air conditioners and high-efficiency furnaces produce condensate. Furnaces can leak water if the drain lines are clogged or cracked. By pouring bleach down the drain occasionally, you can help keep the drain lines clean. The collector box, heat exchanger or evaporator drain pan can also be possible leak sources. A service technician should be called to determine the source of the water leak and repair options. Concord HVAC & plumbing Offers residential plumbing services.

6) Lack of maintenance

Annually scheduled maintenance by a licensed service contractor is necessary to keep your system working correctly. If you fail to perform regular maintenance, you will most likely experience unexpected expensive breakdowns, enhanced energy cost, low performance and frustration. Protect your investment by contacting Concord HVAC & plumbing to have a technician inspect your HVAC system.

7) Unusual furnace noises

Some furnace noises are part of regular operation. However, some may be a warning or indication of a mechanical problem. A whining or squealing motor can imply that the bearings in an inducer motor or blower motor are failing. It may be required to Replace the engine to avoid a furnace failure. Airflow issues or dirty burners might cause other noises. Either way, it is best not to ignore these signs because they may be a warning of a dangerous operating condition or could lead to a furnace failure.

Concord HVAC & plumbing is at your service; contact us to discuss any problem you might have with your HVAC system.



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