“Hot Water Not Hot Enough: Common Problems and How to Fix Them”

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While not having hot-enough water is not quite as bad as having no hot water at all, it’s a problem. You expect hot water to come out of your sink or shower, and finding no hot water can be unpleasant in many ways. Besides, this makes you worry about the energy efficiency of your water heater or if you have a natural gas leak. Here are some common reasons for water problems and how to fix them.

“Common Problems with Lukewarm Water”

1) A Broken Gas Valve
If your water heater has been used for more than ten years, its gas valve becomes increasingly vulnerable to damage, primarily if the device has not been well maintained over the years. The smell of gas due to a broken gas valve or a leak in your gas line is like rotten eggs or garbage. This is a problematic issue that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Switch the gas off and call your gas company or plumber.

2) A Broken Dip Tube
The dip tube must be in good working order to generate sufficiently heated water; however, sometimes, they suffer cracks, and lukewarm water may enter the pipe system and not be hot enough when it comes out of the faucet or shower. Mostly, you have to deal with this problem if you have an old water heater (20 years or more).

3) A Broken Internal Heating Element
Generally, electric water heaters have two heating elements, and if one of them breaks, the other will have to work twice as hard, making it less efficient and harder for the water to be heated. A problem with the lower heating element is usually a short-lived supply of fully hot water. Moreover, if the water is often lukewarm, it indicates a problem with the upper heating element. To fix this issue, call a professional to test and replace the faulty element.

4) Sediment build up in the tank
Over time, sediment builds up in the bottom of the tank, where the burner usually is, leading to slower heating or poor efficiency in the water heater, implying lukewarm water rather than hot water. Drain the tank and use a water softener to fix this problem.

5)A Leaking Water Tank
Do not repair a leaking water tank because it can lead to dangerous situations and damage your home. The solution is to Call in a professional to replace the unit.

6)The Weather
Water heater tanks’ energy efficiency and performance can suffer in the winter because the outside temperature defines how fast water can be heated. This can affect your system and cause water problems if you live in an area with brutal winters.

7)Tank Size
If your tank is too small, and you are getting some hot water in the shower, but not enough, it may mean that you need to upgrade the size of your water heater.

Most people have no idea where to troubleshoot a faulty water heater. However, following the troubleshooting steps above can help you fix the issue with the water heater installation services we provide.

Give us a call to inquire more about heating and furnace repairs in GTA today. Concord HVAC & Plumbing serves both residential and commercial clients.

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