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“Specific plumbing sounds and warning signs”

If you don’t see, hear, or smell anything strange, your pipes are probably functioning well. Here are five weird sounds that could be plumbing warning signs:

Cause: Banging could be caused by a loose mounting, depending on the pipe’s size and location. Although, it’s usually the result of a broken water hammer arrestor or excessively high water pressure.
Solution: Since many issues could cause a banging, fixing it really depends on the cause.

Cause: Rattling is frequently caused by loosely secured pipes. This results from the pipes’ mounting straps having slackened or when a part of the wall is broken away.
Solution: If the mounting straps are pulled away, or the wall has disintegrated, you may need to replace the parts and patch up the wall. However, if they are loose, they can be tightened relatively quickly.

Cause: The cause is often relatively small, like a defective valve in the faucet. However, screeching noises can be pretty off-putting.
Solution: It can be fixed with a simple parts replacement.

Cause: Clogs are hair, pet dander, household debris, built-up sediment and minerals, which can cause gurgling.
Solution: If you hear gurgling in one location as water drains from an entirely different place, this may require a complete plumbing check-up and new drain vent installations. However, if a single clog causes it, gurgling noises may be fixable with a drain cleaner or a plumber’s snake.

Cause: Sediment builds up at the bottom of the tank as you use your water heater over time. When this sediment heats up, it causes trapped water to boil and gurgle.
Solution: You can drain the watery sediment through a pipe at the bottom of the unit. However, you can ask a plumber to do that because if you aren’t familiar with your water heater, it’s easy to get burned.

Keep in mind that just because you hear something doesn’t mean something is wrong, and It’s not uncommon for your house to make noise. The only way to know for sure is to call a certified local plumber.






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