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An inspection camera (borescope) is a device that functions like a camera, microscope, or telescope. An inspection camera has a black-and-white or color display; moreover, the camera often has several LED lights to illustrate the work area. An inspection camera enables far-away places to be observed, and you can watch what the camera sees on the inspection camera’s display.
There is an enormous variety of inspection video cameras that cater to several disparate jobs. Some inspection cameras can capture still images and record video using an SD card which makes them great for documenting various things. For improved observation, specific inspection cameras feature digital zoom.
An inspection video camera is known as An endoscope or fiberscope whenever it has a flexible shaft. And are often used in medical and veterinary applications: angioscopes on hearts, bronchoscopes for lungs, colonoscopes for colons, otoscopes for ears, and gastroscopes for stomachs.
Besides, inspection cameras are used by automobile and aircraft mechanics to view engines’ interiors; furthermore, an inspection camera is used to determine where to run pipes and wires and check for blocks and breaks by plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians. Exterminators use inspection cameras to examine pests’ hives, nests, and tunnels, and locksmiths and law enforcement routinely use inspection cameras.
It is getting popular to have an inspection camera at home because it can come in handy from time to time, especially if you plan to remodel your kitchen or add a bathroom due to the more significant quantities of wastewater involved. Also, it can be beneficial when there is a problem such as a blockage that cannot be fixed by plunging.
Using a camera inspection comes with several advantages like precise and accurate diagnoses, keeping the plumbing and property safe and unchanged; it’s a quick way to detect the problem.

There are great reasons to request a sewer line or drain inspection with a video camera, such as:
1) finding lost valuables:
Losing rings and jewelry in the drain or sink is common, and you can detect them with a camera inspection.
2) finding what the clog is comprised of:
A clog might contain bathroom issues, feminine products, tree roots, or thick grease, and with the usage of a video camera inspection, the best method for cleaning the drain will be recognized.
3) protecting your lawn:
Before this method, the only way to find a clog in a sewer line was to dig a long trench on a property’s lawn to look for a crack or hole in a pipe. This outmoded method destroys the grass of your lawn, so it’s better to stay away from it.
4) finding blockages:
One of the huge plusses of these cameras is that they can identify blocks in the pipes that might otherwise be missed.
5) locating the leaks:
A sewer inspection camera can help to locate a leak quickly! While some leaks leave obvious visible clues, others, especially those hidden behind walls or under the slab of homes, aren’t so easy to find.

Whether an amateur or a trained professional, a quality inspection camera can be just the tool you need.








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