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Do you need to replace your typical gas boiler? Did you think about having a more efficient thing to provide your home heating and hot water? what about an air source heat pump?

They can provide heating and hot water for your home and would replace your typical gas boiler. Heat pumps take the heat from outside and use this to heat water for use in your home. A heat pump operates like an air conditioning unit, but in reverse. They use a heat source to heat a refrigerant and then transfers that heat from the refrigerant to a hot water tank in your home. With an air source heat pump, you can save money on your energy and reduce your carbon footprint compared to a gas or electric heating system. Do you want to know other advantages of air source heat pumps? Here we are;

1. Low carbon footprint
Using a heat pump means that your carbon emissions will be about 70% lower than those with direct electric panels or storage heaters. Compared to those using a gas heating system, your emissions would be about 60% lower. Changing your system from gas to an ASHP will also improve local air quality.

2. Save money on energy bills
Heat pumps are powered by electricity, so they are not free to run, but they’re far more efficient than other electric heating systems. By this switching, you can reduce your energy bills as you’ll be using the outside air for your heating and cooling needs. But consider this if you have access to cheap mains gas, then the price difference won’t be as significant.

3. Eligible for RHI
Yeah, you can have your own income. Isn’t that great? You could receive payments for generating your own heat. the important thing you should remember is that the payments are based on the amount of heat demand that you have but are capped so that thermally inefficient homes do not receive greater benefit.

4. Can be used for heating and cooling
Depending on the model you want to buy, ASHPs can provide cooling and heating for your sunny days in summer or cold nights in winter.

5. Can be used for space heating and domestic hot water
Some models can provide you with heating your water. This depends on flow temperature. To be able to heat water, the flow temperature needs to be approximately 55°C. If your system is only designed for space heating, the flow temperature will be 35°.

6. Easy installation process
Do you need to dif into the ground for installing your ASHP? Sure no. You don’t need to do this and installing AHSP just takes 2 days. You just require space for the hot water tank, the heat pump, and the external air handling unit.

7. Low maintenance and long lifespan
Heat pumps are relatively low maintenance. You need to check them and need a technician for annual service just like a gas boiler. ASHPs can last for around 20 years, which is longer than a gas boiler.

8. No fuel storage is needed
You use outside air, so do you think you need any fuel storage? Absolutely no. It’s another huge advantage.

9. Using wind or solar energy
You can use solar panels or small turbines and combine them with your heat pump instead of using electricity, this can make your home even more sustainable and make your home all green.

Remember that to reap the full benefits, you will need a well-insulated home. And due to the lower heat supply, you may need underfloor heating, so it’s extra spending and you need to know in advance.
Now, what do you think? Is it worthing to replace your gas boiler with an air source heat pump?

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